Oh The Life Of A Vegetable Garden Farmer

If you have read the Meet the MPG Team page then you all know that I am a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom).  That means I have the privilege of wearing many hats at home.  Wife…mother…cook…maid…accountant…secretary…mind reader…fortune teller…taxi driver.  That’s just the few that instantly came to my mind.  This winter my family and I decided that we would add vegetable farmer to my title.  Now, to be honest, that isn’t exactly how the conversation went.  But, that is how it is ended up.  In the beginning everyone got to pick 2 vegetables to grow, take care of and harvest when ready.  We all planted.  The kids weed the garden when they are in trouble.  But Jennifer (me..you know..the vegetable farmer) has had the privilege of watering, maintaining, harvesting and now putting, slicing, processing and freezing the fruits of our labors.  In other words, I AM Up TO MY EARS IN POTATOES!!!  They are everywhere.  On the back deck and front porch waiting to come inside.

In the laundry room being washed and dried.

All over the kitchen waiting to be cut up or shredded into hash browns.

On the kitchen table waiting to be put in the deep freezer.  Everywhere.  And to add to the story I decided to buy food processor this year to save me some time.  I was really excited until I started using it.  It is very hard to lock the top lid on.  After three tries and potatoes down the cabinets and all over the floor I gave in for the day.  Thank goodness my mother in law is buying pizza for supper.  It’s been one of those days that I want to run screaming out of my kitchen.

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