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Welcome to Meal Plan Girls! Whether you are a newbie or a veteran to meal planning, we hope you find our site helpful and that you walk away with recipes, ideas and inspiration! Meal planning has truly changed our lives and we hope that it has a great impact on yours too!

What are the benefits of meal planning?

Saves Time– Family time is precious! Who wants to spend extra time in the kitchen? When you meal plan you are sitting down at one time and creating meals for the coming week/weeks/month. No more extra trips to the grocery store or fast food restaurant because you have no idea what to make for supper! Everything is planned out and thawed out when it comes time to prepare it! Plus, we are busy moms ourselves, so the easier the recipes, the better for us! So browse our plans and recipes too!

Saves Money– Having a plan saves you money is so many ways. First, it allows you to sit down with items that you already have at home and plan meals around what is in your pantry and freezer. Then it allows you to sit down with the grocery store ads and create meals from items that are on sale that week! This keeps you from going into the grocery store blind and just throwing various items in your cart with no real idea of what they will be used for. Plus, when a plan is in place, no more quick stops to the fast food place on the way home from work because you are just too tired to think about what to cook for supper!

Healthier Living– When you meal plan, you control what goes in your mouth even more carefully! There isn’t hunger talking you into just making those quick, frozen meals because it’s fast and easy! Dieting is even easier as well! Look up healthy recipes ahead of time and figure out their fat/calories beforehand! Ashlei is on the Weight Watchers diet so you will see many of those recipes listed on her plan!