Weight Watchers Meal Plan- March 26th-April 1st

Photo Courtesy of www.thefitcook.net (The Fit Cook)

The dreary, rainy Spring Break did nothing good for my diet!  All I want to do is curl up and eat with weather like that!  However, this week it is back to sunny, warm days so I am rearing to get active and eat healthy once again.  I hope you enjoy this week’s meal plan.  [...]

Weight Watchers Meal Plan ~ Feb. 13th-Feb.19th

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  I am planning on trying a couple great and healthy recipes this week, especially since it is snowing pretty hard outside right now as I type.  Hopefully my children cooperate tomorrow and I can get through my list!!!  There won’t be much else to do around here.  Healthy Eating Everyone! Monday Breakfast- 1 Eggo [...]

Weight Watchers Meal Plan ~ Jan.30-Feb.5th

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We are once again on a new week of Weight Watchers!  I hope you are all enjoying the recipes and healthy tips along the way!  I have been enjoying the unusually warm temperatures and working out outside!  It is suppose to be in the 60′s for the next few days!  I’m going to take advantage [...]

Weight Watchers Meal Plan~Jan.16th-Jan.22nd

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How did everybody do this last week?  Me…not so good.  Too many sweets!  However, the nice thing about Weight Watchers is that…”Tomorrow Is A New Day!”  So, I have to get back into the swing of things and this meal plan will help!  I have really enjoyed all the recipes that I’ve tried and look [...]